Vision Statement

ND Ability is an employee resource group focused on addressing the needs and concerns of staff, faculty, and their family members with disabilities.  This group is open to all employees including individuals with disabilities (IWDs), allies and advocates, and supporters of disability inclusion.

Article I. Official Name

The official name is ND Ability employee resource group. For purposes of this charter, the term “Employee Resource Group (ERG)” will be used.

Article II. Group Mission and Goals


Our mission is to serve as a resource in providing social, cultural, and intellectual activities that help create a more welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable experience for Notre Dame staff and faculty with disabilities. The group will focus on providing social, cultural, and intellectual activities for faculty, staff and their family members with disabilities, and the University at large, as well as providing members with supports designed to expand their social and professional networks. The group will offer employees an opportunity to receive support from similarly situated individuals. The group will also connect members to resources made available through the University to improve their Notre Dame experience. This mission supports the University of Notre Dame’s mission to diversity and inclusion.



  • Host social events that promote interactions across campus to create a stronger sense of community and outreach 
  • Create opportunities for members to gather and share their stories and experiences with one another and with the University at large
  • Organize networking activities and events to build, expand, and foster professional relationships


  • Host and promote workshops and lectures that promote awareness and understanding of disability
  • Organize and host a speaker series to promote awareness of the experiences of disabilities
  • Workshops and trainings to help foster understanding of, and sensitivity to specific disabilities
  • Organize an annual mini-conference on disability and Catholic Social Teaching


  • Support the University’s recruitment, development, and educational opportunities for faculty and staff with disabilities by providing/promoting professional development workshops and other opportunities
  • Provide education and discussion opportunities to promote communication and cross-cultural understanding and awareness
  • Organize networking activities and events to build, expand and foster professional relationships


  • Serve as a bridge between membership and departmental resources on campus
  • Invite speakers from the Wellness Center  to present on resources related to health promotion
  • Coordinate series of workshops that explain benefits available through the Office of Human Resources and the local community
  • Host listening sessions and forums with University Leadership to create awareness of challenges or needs for faculty and staff working on campus are experiencing 

Article III. Participation

Membership is open to all Notre Dame staff and faculty, including regular full-time, part-time, hourly and salaried employees, who are committed to accomplishing the objectives of ND Ability.  Members must meet and maintain the following eligibility requirements:


Members must be employed by the “University of Notre Dame.”
Membership is open to all “Notre Dame” employees interested in interacting and supporting individuals with disabilities.

Leadership Roles

ND Ability leadership will be determined by members.  Leadership terms will be for the duration of 12 months beginning with the new academic year on July 1 and ending June 30.
Roles include the following:

  • Chair – Responsible for overall operations and strategic development of the committee. Acts as the liaison to the University community.
  • Vice-chair, Chair-elect - Supports the work and supplements the strategic development of the committee. Acts as the liaison to the University Community in the absence of the Chair.
  • Secretary - Scheduling of committee meetings, taking committee minutes, and facilitating agendas and committee work as needed.
  • Event Planning Chair - Responsible for the oversight, development, and strategic direction of Event Planning, including the formation of event subcommittees as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • Community Resource Chair - Acts as the primary liaison to local community groups and organizations. 
  • Communication, Membership, Technology Chair - Responsible for oversight of comprehensive communications that support the strategic direction of ND Ability, such as web content and any direct communications, as well as maintaining the membership database, developing applications and technology, as necessary. Create and support subcommittees as necessary


Opinions, experiences, and ideas shared by members of ND Ability during meetings or related activities and any records thereof, shall be held in confidence and such records shall remain the sole and exclusive property of “University of Notre Dame”

Article IV. Meetings


ND Ability executive committee meetings will be held once a month. Subcommittee meetings will be held as determined by subcommittee chairs.  Steering committee members shall be invited to attend the leadership team meetings on a quarterly basis.


Committee leadership and members are required to attend Committee meetings until such time as Committee sponsored event/activity is completed; all other members are encouraged to attend ND Ability meetings, events, and other activities.

Article VI. Funding

Some funding will be provided by the Office of Human Resources.